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Pat Condell’s American Islamophobia and an Austrian MP’s stand– quotes and comments.

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Pat Condell has produced another straight talking video looking at the claimed ‘Islamophobia’ in America.   Claimed, because evidence for it is sadly lacking, not that this will deter the likes of CAIR and their enablers and bleeding hearts from shrieking ‘Islamophobia’ at every turn.  Others are also speaking out such as Austrian MP Ewald Stadler. 

Pat notes that:

‘what happens in America matters to the entire free world.’

He speaks of

‘Islamic supremacist pressure groups’... ‘who spend their time playing the professional victim, pestering politicians and law enforcement agencies with their constant whining and complaining , belly aching and bitching, demanding special treatment.’   CAIR –Council on American Islamic Relations  - ‘has been quite busy recently setting up a new department dedicated to...Islamophobia.’  ‘They will be looking for Islamophobia everywhere and you know they are going to find it because they see it everywhere.  My bet is it’s only a matter of time before they contrive to find it in the oval office.  Obama’s already on one knee to Islam, it shouldn’t take much to get him down on two.’

(I think Obama is dedicated to promoting Islam as his pro-Islamic lies and bending double grovelling to the Saudi King demonstrate, but perhaps they can squeeze even more compliance out of him and lots more money).

Condell states:

‘when I hear the word (Islamophobia) I know I’m listening to someone whose intelligence and judgement have been corrupted by the cultural Marxism of political correctness and whose opinions should nolonger be taken seriously.’

He notes the deliberate and very recent invention of the word – Islamophobia –

by Islamic supremacists and their leftwing enablers as a way to silence critics of Islamic brutality, intolerance, misogyny, homophobia and anti-Semitism and to stigmatise those who oppose religious fascism, inferring that they have a mental disorder.’ 
‘Of course there is only so many times you can tell someone who doesn’t want to hear it that a phobia is an irrational fear but there’s nothing remotely irrational about fearing Islam especially if you happen to be female, or Jewish or gay or all 3!’

‘What is irrational is indulging Islam and pretending it’s just another religion –it’s more than irrational, it’s downright stupid.  It’s as foolish as keeping a large, predatory animal as a pet, sooner or later you will be taken and you will deserve it!!’

‘People who oppose Islam are not Islamophobic, they are Islamorealistic. They’ve had years of abundant and consistent evidence and they see the religion for what it is  -- a supremacist, totalitarian ideology using peaceful followers as a shield to exploit religious freedom for political ends.’

He notes Islamophobia is part of a scam and doesn’t exist –especially not in America.

‘According to the FBI there are 10 times the number of hate crimes against Jews and gays in the US than against Muslims and the same thing applies in figures completed by individual sates – California, NY –way more crimes against Jews and gays.’

‘How unfortunate for the Islamofascists the cold hard facts emerge just as they set up their shiny new department dedicated to finding evidence of this mythical crime.  Do you think these liars will now shut down this department....’

‘It must be galling for these guys to realise that although people may resent Islam  -- and who can blame them for that – they don’t resent Muslims as 2 young Muslims found out just a few months ago when they drove 13000 miles around America and were welcomed wherever they went.’..................................

..........‘The council on American Islamic relations has had a bit of mileage out of its phoney baloney Islamophobia.  It must be quite devastating for them to be confronted with concrete proof this thing is entirely imaginary.....It must be like the Pope finding out there’s no holy ghost.  Now if you insist on believing in Islamophobia  you will have to do so despite the evidence.   You will take it on faith.  As Mark Twain might have put it  --you have to believe what you know ain’t so--.   Islamophobia  ain’t so and you know it.   The Islamofascists have done their very best to talk it into existence .....but try as they might, they just can’t persuade Americans to hate Muslims.  Isn’t reality a bitch?’

While I certainly agree with the sentiments expressed above, there were some areas of his talk that I think show the current confusion in the west –this dichotomy between ‘hate Islam but love Muslims’ and the one also displayed in this talk of the ‘good Muslim/bad Muslim’ ie there really are harmless, peace-loving, adorable Muslims and groups like CAIR don’t represent them.    Hmm.  Can you be a true Muslim if you ignore Islam’s text etc which is anything but harmless to others?

............‘The biggest hate crime against Muslims in America is the existence of the council of American Islamic Relations.  If you are a Muslim American who wants to live in peace and freedom, and presumably that’s why you are in America in the 1st place,   these people are you worst enemy.  They are parasites on your identity.  They don’t represent you (are you sure??).  They claim ownership of you.  Everything they do and say reflects back badly on you yet you are the only thing giving them a veneer of respectability.  Without you these fanatics would be standing on street corners shouting at people.  They invoke the phoney lie of Islamophobia in order to marginalise you and to ghettoise you and to get you to feel like a victim because their whole existence depends on you being a victim.   They claim to challenge the stereotyping of Muslims and how do they do it, by stereotyping Muslims as professional complainers and malcontents who always want special treatment , who can’t take the slightest criticism and who are aggressively litigious to the point of obsession. (this IS precisely how ordinary Muslims behave in Australia!)  These people are the problem, they are not the solution.   If they could they would rule you with a rod of iron.   You know they want to impose sharia – everybody does-  and you also know if you’ve got any sense that no Muslim in the United states would be better off under sharia so I have to ask you  WHY you let them go on national TV time and time and time again claiming to speak for you and WHY you let the TV networks get away with treating them as they do.’.......

I am not privy to the thoughts of Pat Condell so I cannot tell whether he really does believe there are these lovely, mis-represented Muslims about the place or whether he is actually, underhandedly suggesting that even the outwardly peaceful ones really support the more openly ‘Islamic’ organisations because they are, after all, pushing the Islamic agenda of privilege, supremacy and eventually control and sharia – things all true Muslims want.

An ideology is merely words written on paper but when people embody that ideology, when they act according to it, then it impacts on others.   In Germany ordinary people, some with Jewish friends, took up Hitler’s ideology of Nazism with the most tragic results as this became their ‘mindset’ and their behaviour.   We know Hitler read Islamic writing and loved the idea of jihad or conquest by violence and genocide.  I am not Jewish, but, knowing the ideology of Nazism, I would not be happy with Nazis walking our streets and I believe many other Australians wouldn’t be either.

Why then are we asked to not only tolerate Islam but to fund and protect it when it is far worse than Nazism?   Do we think Muslims suddenly forget the teachings and laws of Islam when they cross our borders?   It is the Muslim mob that carries out the extreme violence and repression of others in the Islamic world and they do so under the instructions of Islam.   That violence has been brought here with threats to the Copts (Youhanna 2011), genocide threats to Jews (Circe 2009, 2010),  rapes (recently Bendigo where the woman said NO and was heard screaming  -Akerman 2011), violence against non-Muslim Australians and death threats to apostates.

Why would Muslims alter their attitudes or practices when they can move into parallel Islamic societies here with mosques, schools and sharia, enforced by the Muslim mob, and when playing the ‘victim’ is so lucrative and so endlessly reported in the media?  Samira Bellil wrote "In the hell of the tournantes" (2002/2003)  to describe her own experiences and those of other Muslim girls in France, gang-raped, beaten, even burnt alive by male Muslims they knew if they dared transgress Islamic rules.   In Britain we read of a decade long practice of grooming 11-16 year old ‘white’ girls for rape by almost entirely Muslim gangs (ie In total, 56 people, with an average age of 28, were found guilty of crimes including rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child. Three of the 56 were white, 53 were Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community.   Brooke 2011).  Our daughters are ‘kaffir scum’ and ‘booty’ to be sexually used.

I won’t even mention the drug trade, bikie gangs, car rebirthing etc but you can read about it on this site.

But that’s just a few right.  What about our mufti,  Sheik Fehmi who supports clitoridectomy (Bone, Age 21/7/2001), polygamy (Compass ABC TV. May 6 2001) and terror groups?   His Preston mosque was blamed by one mother for radicalising her son, one of a number of Somalis arrested for terrorism.  And there’s the lovely Hilali and Keysar Trad, both important figures to Muslims.

What about those who demand sharia and Muslim only housing developments?  And what about the demand for halal meat etc pushed onto us while ham and bacon disappear.  Hijabs are allowed in schools and some allow Muslim prayers and other ‘special’ conditions for Muslims only, Islamizing our schools and discriminating against non-Muslims.

Don’t forget those delightful university students that disrupt everyone until their demands for gender and religiously apartheid, Muslim only toilets, washrooms and prayer rooms are provided.  Tragically our universities and many other organisations comply showing that they privilege Muslims and discriminate against others.   Muslim power in universities has made them dangerous places for others, particularly Jews.

Even Christmas celebrations in our Judeo-Christian based society can be halted to appease Muslims for no others have demanded this.   The excuse is ‘cultural inclusion’ but it is Islamization and the cultural EXCLUSION of Christianity, the basis of most of our freedoms.

No-one dares to publically criticise Islam because you risk your life and at the least legal action.

Muslim infiltration of organisations of every type whether at local, state or federal level results in stealth jihad and the application of sharia under the guise of tolerance or multiculturalism or religious freedom.  You don’t need a bomb to carryout jihad to Islamise our society, it is done by ordinary Muslims enjoying and exploiting the benefits of our culture.   Who needs groups like CAIR?

Have you ever heard Muslims demanding the full freedom of religion and full equality for all others persecuted and abused in the Islamic world --- NO?  Me either but they scream here if anything isn’t to their liking.   Assimilation –you must be joking, the whole aim is to make our country Islamic. 

Muslims choose to belong to the ideology of Islam.  Islam is their mindset and as Nicolai Sennels (articles this site) has shown and worldwide experience has proved, that mindset is incompatible with our values and culture.  Remember, Islam’s ‘peace’ only comes when it has absolute control and this is what Muslims mean when they say ‘Islam wants peace’ and Islam’s ‘freedom’ is slavery to Islam, anything else cannot be tolerated.

If you want real peace between diverse groups, individual freedom and equality, you DON'T belong to Islam.  As Pat notes, Islam isn’t a religion like others, it IS ‘a supremacist, totalitarian ideology’ and those who embody it are deadly to our freedom , bomb carriers or not, for all work for the same ends –Islamic control.   We have, particularly at times of war, had infiltrators who appear to be part of our society while stealthily working to destroy it, often using the ‘hosts’ laws and tolerance for protection.   Tragically at the moment we refuse to recognise the ‘enemies’ in our midst, those who adhere to an alternative society, destructive of our own, and who work stealthily to achieve it.  In every country where Islam (ie Muslims, the living embodiment of the ideology of Islam) has entered there has been substantial trouble, a true ideological clash that goes well beyond any problems with others. 

Having travelled many times to America I can believe that Americans treat Muslims well even if they don’t like Islam because in the west we try to look at the human being and treat them with respect and give them the benefit of the doubt –this is part of the Judeo-Christian heritage.   This attitude, admirable though it is, could kill us. 

 We have a responsibility to protect the current and future freedom, equality, and safety of Australians and to protect our laws and values from an ideology that aims to destroy them and is brought in and propagated by those who embody it – Muslims.

Some are waking up to this eg Austrian MP Ewald Stadler in his address to the Turkish ambassador  not only asked for the ambassador’s dismissal but pointed out the danger and hypocrisy of Islam and the ‘tolerance romantics.’  He begins with a murder case from June 2010 in Iskenderun...

‘the archbishop Luigi Padovese was stabbed 8 times into the heart by a 26 year old Muslim Murat Altum, screaming “allah akhbar”..’  The Archbishop ran from his garden into the streets calling for help in vain.  Here the perpetrator cut off his head leaving it to hang from the body .... Many priests have been murdered in Turkey since 2008.......You (to the Turkish ambassador) should be ashamed....Your devotion to freedom of religion is nothing but pure hypocrisy!   When a Catholic Archbishop’s head is cut off there is NO reaction! ....... I can’t even imagine the uproar if someone touched a Muslim imam or some other religiously esteemed Muslim.......never has a representative of your religion been assaulted but this happens every year in your country.’

‘We did NOT ask you to send us all the illiterates of Anatolia........We haven’t asked you to send up your stone-age Islamists from Anatolia either- people who bury their 16 year old daughter alive for having extramarital relationships as happened 2 years ago....... Ms Muhltonnen do you have any compassion for this 16 year old who was buried alive –she wasn’t a Catholic so you ARE allowed to feel sorry for her’

‘He (the ambassador) complains they are not integrated while at the same time telling them NOT to integrate!  All the while Erbakan travels around European countries declaring integration and assimilation “a crime against Turkishness.”  That’s how it is ladies and gentlemen from the governing coalition with your romantics of tolerance and devotion to human rights.”

‘Mr ambassador, enter the Orient Express and go back to Istanbul, your wonderland!   I am telling you this country is not made up exclusively of tolerance romantics.  There are also people sick and tired of the ONE-WAY street tolerance babble which you feed are exploiting it..And I have to tell you , a few people in politics will NOT accept this.  And the voters outside do NOT accept it at all..” End

 Of course it’s much easier to pretend there’s no problem.  Think carefully, remember the aims and practices of Islam imparted to its true followers and don’t be lulled into a false security by the endless taqiyya.

‘What is irrational is indulging Islam and pretending it’s just another religion –it’s more than irrational, it’s downright stupid.  It’s as foolish as keeping a large, predatory animal as a pet, sooner or later you will be taken and you will deserve it!!’ (Condell)

 To indulge Islam is to indulge its followers and it’s Islam’s followers who will form the predatory animal.


1) Akerman, Pia.  ‘Mum raped by seven as her kids slept nearby’ The Australian January 15, 2011

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4) Circe. Genocide wishes from Muslims in universities, in the media, on our streets, by visiting ‘pop’ singers - (15-07-10) and Tot Calls for Genocide - 20-01-09.

5)  Condell, Pat.  American Islamophobia.

6)  Stadler, Ewald.   Austrian MP Ewald Stadler addresses Turkish ambassador. 

7) Youhanna. Australia - Safe Haven No More
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