Australians 'training in Yemen terrorist camps'

Tuesday, 08 February 2011 18:48 Blue Heeler Confronting Islam - Infidel Resistance

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has listed 20 Australian citizens as persons of interest because they seem to have disappeared from the radar after travelling to Yemen.

Now there is new evidence young Australian men have indeed been recruited to Al Qaeda training camps.

(Read it HERE)

Well, is anyone surprised? Yet another headline informing us that some of our grateful migrants are…. ungrateful; whodathunk it? This isn’t going along with policy at all, is it?

These people see a better future for Australia, in Australia.

I guess that was the line that their parents spun in their interviews with DIMA – a better life - and it seems to have worked a treat. They convinced a bureaucrat, passed “GO”, now they are here, producing unhappy offspring. Sending them to islamic schools, sending them to mosques… sending them to ‘summer camps’ in Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan! A well-rounded education.

What a pity DIMA, or DIMIA as was, didn’t ask if that “better life” was in any way modeled on the one proposed by Mohamed. Perhaps those interview situations would have been an opportune time to explain that this was not a desired outcome for either the people of Australia or the government. It could have been suggested that another country might make a more suitable destination? Could have.

Could have saved a few of these awkward moments our ‘leadership’ has to face more and more. Oh, that’s right – can’t ‘profile’ candidates. Best we let them get all sploddy and antsy first, and maybe even take out a few Aussies, before we name the name that none may discuss in public. It starts with “M”.

I wonder where these ‘good boys’ – they are always ‘good boys’ when caught, have you noticed - learned their hatred, if not from Momma and Poppa Ummah?

Mom and Dad, - just as useless; just as unhappy; just as indoctrinated; just as guilty; just muslims.
Yep, a ‘racist’ statement to round off my rant. Just muslims. It’s always “just muslims”, innit?

That’s what they are to our bureaucracy. That’s what they were when they arrived – just muslims and we all had to pretend there was no cause for alarm.

Now there is cause, increasingly, and all because they really are…. just muslims.

Rather than go on in my usual fashion, I thought I’d give a voice here on AIM to the Yahoo-ers who spilled their islamophobia on the net. They go on in my usual fashion at least as well as I do!

I hope some of them find their way here.

 “Simple, freeze their passports and put them and their immediate family on notice. I hope these people are not still drawing welfare.”
 “SEE, I've been telling you all. They are criminals. They are going to launch a campaign of terror in our beautiful country. Spreading the word of ISLAM. Deport them all!!”
 “So are we now so whipped that we can't even say what ethnic origin these so called trainees from Australia are?”
 “Islamists see this beautiful country as easy pickings. Soft Government, Soft police, soft legal system & free & easy welfare. People smugglers love it. Jihadists love it. Come on Govt. Toughen up!! Australia is a JOKE to these people. Look at how Lebs treat the police and the legal system. And Aussie people!!”
 “Probably the Centrelink is sending the disability pension to their Australian bank account while they are in the training camps.”
 “Is anyone surprised? Blind Freddie could see that as fast as Australia's government allows indiscriminate immigration to people without papers equally as fast they are importing trouble. Many of those who come here bring with them their policies of building a theocracy. It is the known agenda of fanatical religious groups to spread their fanatical beliefs across the world. Australia is already being white-anted from within.”
 “find them, identify them, and shoot them if they return!”
 “Just shoot them all!”
 “it has been going on for years, when i was at school students would disappear for 3 months and then reappear with photos of them in camouflage uniforms holding all sorts weapons. we were to young to understand the meaning”
 “No true Australian would be training at a Terrorist camp. They have shown where their loyalties lie... make sure that their passports are revoked so that they can stay in their homeland. A piece of paper does not make an Australian, actions make an Australian and these people are not Australian.”
 “Ask why first then shoot them and dont forget to fire the warning shot afterwards”
 “Chances are, there "Australians" are from an Arab background. At least we are getting rid of some of the Arabs here. Maybe we should stop letting Arabs migrate here”
 “If they are so keen to go to these training camps, let them stay there. How can they be Australians, this sort of thing is not part of our value system. If they don't like the way we live, they should go to the country that has similar values to them.”
 “These aren't Australian men. They are the enemy within and they are fully endorsed by the Australian Labor Party.”
 “Couldn't they pick a better hobby?”
 “well it just goes hand in hand with the immigration intake from these regions... No suprise.”
 “I know, you know, how come Julia and her communist mates don't know. They are coming in daily by the boatload. Those 20, strip them of Australian Citizenship, their families also and deport them to their chosen desert. If they won't go, give them life in a special prison built in the distant deserts in Australia. No Visitors and no Bob Browns allowed to represent them.”
 “there is an easy way to deal with this problem, expell any Australian and his family included ( including his parents ) to the land of their origin who is in any way associated or connected to terrorism. Any Australia who associates with terrorists or is in any way engaged with terrorist groups automaticaly looses his citizenship and is no longer under the protection of the Australian state and the Australian people. Such people do not belong to us, they are not part of our culture, our heritge...”
 “Greedy US let the genie out to fight Russia and now stuck with it and can't put it back.”
 “well, well, well surprise, surprise who did not see that coming?”
 “Once anyone receives AUST CITIZEN SHIP, they should only have one passport an australian passport. NO duel passports. Once you become an AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN, you are not allowed to go and live in your country of orign,and have the australian PENSION sent to you in that country. Is there a POLITICIAN with the guts to pull that on ?. I DONT THINK SO.”
 “It's a sad indication of the fanatical brain washing of certain sections of a particular religion that they can take everything our beautiful country has to offer and repay us with contempt & bloodshed. The English bombers were home bred, this is very scary stuff.”
 “its about time Australians woke up to the danger we are in. these people are fanatics, it matters not to them that Australia is the land they are born in. I get mad with the "she'll be right mate" attitude of many. Its only a matter of time.”
 “When Julia puts them in motels, while our own homeless, due to floods and cyclones have no where to go. It shows whose side Julia and the Labor Party are on. Labor they cannot even spell it properly (Labour)”
 “knock down the mosques here in Australia and get rid of these terrorists.”
 “Define Australian's...!!!!”
 “More bread and circuses for the ignorant rabble...”
 “Like a certain traitorous Australian country 'Hick', when caught they'll plead innocence then take shelter behind soft laws of their country of citizenship. Anwar Al Awlaki - though US-born - was likely a child of immigrants to USA who were perhaps given citizenship too easily - just as Australia is now doing. We must REVOKE CITIZENSHIP of anyone - born overseas or born in Aust to immigrant parents - if they associate with ANY terrorist or extremist organisation.”
 “Bet you 10 to 1 they will be allowed back into the country where our foolish leaders will claim they are "monitoring" them. The world has gone mad with protocol and doesnt believe in common sense. Watch your back, and defend your own. And heaven help these fools in government if anything bad happens here.”
 “God help us all.”
 “I'm not sure how they work out that these whako dungheads are Australians. They must have a big "made in Au" on their back? or "I am a proud Aussie; please send me home after detonating"”
 “So what if Gillards government deals with it. In 5 years time they will sue the government just like David Hicks. Australia is way too soft under an ALP government.”
 “Bad immigration policies and poor investigation allow these people into Australia. Revoke the Australian citizenship of these people who dare to take advantage of Australian hospitality then opt to become trained as terrorists. Harden up the soft controls that allow these ungrateful and unsavory people into our country. “Stop the Boats!!!””
 “islam should be reclassified as a terrorist organisation.”
 “A major part of terrorism is the dissemination of misinformation to foment internal divisions. Looks like the terrorists are succeeding. Arabs were among the earliest explorers and settlers. Probably have Australian roots going back longer than most of those commenting.”
 “When will the "slow learners" in the Australian government wake up. They have seen it happen in England and learnt nothing from their immigration mistakes. Maybe it is time that we all made a stand, obviously we can't rely on our government to protect us. When you look back at Pauline Hansons policys, she had a lot of good ideas. Pauline for PM haha !!!!”
 “quickly disliking the "Multi-Cultural Australia". Don't change the flag, shut the gates!!!!!”
Baaah! What would any of these people know? They aren’t representative of Australians after all. They are bigots, racists, islamophobes, red-necks, xenophobes. Not worth talking to.