Senator Brandis Insults Islam

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 07:01 Wendy Larkson Jihad - Dhimmitude-Appeasement-Treason

As soon as Senator Cory Bernadi made his comment about Islam, saying that Islam is the problem not Muslims, another Liberal showed he misunderstood the essence of Bernadi’s comment. Shadow attorney-general George Brandis has joined a pack condemnation of those preaching division against Muslims. (reference)

George Brandis evidently did not listen to Bernadi’s comment for in it he clearly distinguished between Muslims and the essence of the real problem – which is Islam. That is Brandis’ first mistake. Of course there are moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is discriminatory and condemnatory. His second mistake is more serious – for Brandis is supporting here the very kind of thing he supposedly stands against.

Islam itself discriminates against women, homosexuals and non – Muslims in no uncertain terms. Do we want this kind of discriminatory system of thought in Australia? Islam itself is against multiculturalism. Why are Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Bahais persecuted in Islamic lands? Are they welcomed in any of the 47 Muslim lands around the globe? No.

So, Brandis has made a serious error of logic. He says he supports integration –but in supporting Islam he is against integration. So he supports something and does not support it at the same time. This breaks the first law in logic – ‘x’ cannot be ‘not x’. That is, for example, you cannot exist and not exist at the same time. It goes back to Aristotle – and is something that clear thinkers take for granted. Of course you have to get your premises right before you build an argument. And this is what Brandis has failed to do. In fact he has done the opposite of what he intended. He has actually insulted Islam. He has failed to read the Qu’ran and the ahadith, for if he had, he could not say the things he has said.

Senator Brandis, it is Islam which is bullying the host nations which have unwittingly accepted them in good will and then realised many Muslims do not want to integrate into the host society. Not only that they do not believe in democracy – it is against their religion! So you, a member of a democratic society are supporting a worldview that condemns democracy! Oh my, how did you end up there?

Senator there is a cure for ignorance of Islam. Read the Qu’ran and read an introduction to Islam such as Mark Duries’ ‘The Third Way’. Perhaps someone can send this to Brandis’ office? A gift from AIM?