Does the Immigration Department refuse to discriminate?

Thursday, 17 February 2011 17:36 Dave Clark Letters - Letters and Replies

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who made contact and showed their support for the Aleem family after my recent AIM article.

Unsurprisingly, our Government is not interested in this case, and by extension, the plight of victims of Pakistan's blasphemy law.

Below is the substance of the response I recently received from an Immigration Department official.

Although many readers would already be well aware of our immigration policy and application, the response confirms exactly where our Government's priorities lie.

I appreciate the difficulties Mr Aleem and his family have experienced in Pakistan and your wish for the family to be resettled in Australia.

The Australian Government operates a global and non-discriminatory Humanitarian Program.

A "non-discriminatory" program. Why not discriminate? It's a basic cognitive ability to distinguish differences and make correct decisions. But it doesn't matter, they are discriminating and have to, they just have a poorly developed ability to do so.

And as is typical, the PC brigade has managed to put this word through their Dr. Seuss PC word machine to get the result they want. That is to skillfully project the opposite of what actually is occuring: "diversity", "tolerance", "social cohesion".

The Program is designed to assist those who are subject to persecution or substantial discrimination amounting to a gross violation of their human rights in their home country and who demonstrate the greatest need of resettlement.

So this doesn't apply to victims of Pakistan's blasphemy law but does apply to Muslims who want to impose sharia law on us, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Are Muslim Brotherhood members in greater need because their human right to impose an Islamic sharia state upon others (their human right to practice their religion freely) was violated, amounting to substantial discrimination?

Do non-Muslims not have the human right of life itself?

Every year many more people apply to be resettled under the offshore Humanitarian Program than Australia can accept. In 2009–10, over 47 000 people applied and around 9 200 people were granted visas overseas.

Could that figure be higher if the queue-jumpers weren't given priority and proper discrimination didn't make it such a political issue?

While most humanitarian visa applicants have suffered some form of discrimination or persecution, the limited number of visas available means that only those in greatest need of resettlement can be assisted under the Humanitarian Program.

All we got is a family being attacked for years, the father now imprisoned indefinetly on false Pakistani blasphemy charges and being tortured (and likely to be killed if he is released and not immediately evacuated), with the rest living in constant fear of their lives as a Muslim mob at this very moment tracks down their safehouse to rape the daughters, torture the sons and kill them all. If this is "some" discrimination or persecution, what sort of form you got?

In these circumstances, the Government believes the most humanitarian approach is to focus on assisting applicants who have been found to be refugees and formally referred to Australia for resettlement by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and applicants who are proposed by an immediate family member in Australia.

Two ways of getting a visa it seems (and this statement clearly contradicts the ones above it). Either be a Muslim colonist we are told to take by the corrupt OIC puppet, the UN. Or be brought in as an extra colonist by Muslim colonists already here. I though you didn't discriminate? You're doing it right now and badly. Why not treat every applicant on its merits?

While I appreciate your desire to have the Aleem family resettled in Australia, there is no provision under the Migration Act 1958 for the Minister to intervene in relation to applications for a Refugee and Humanitarian (Class XB) visa.

Then it would be most appreciated if you could do your job properly in the first place.

In addition to the Humanitarian Program, the Australian Government operates a Migration Program for people who wish to migrate on the basis of their skills or family relationships.

Given our current immigration intake it seems quite a skill to be able to understand the concepts of gratefulness, democracy, tolerance, equality, the rule of law and respect. Can we re-apply on this basis?

I regret that I am unable to be of further assistance.

Australia's immigration program in a nutshell. God help us.